Nature Sleep Sounds Pro v1.1 [Paid]

Nature Sleep Sounds Pro v1.1 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Sleep problems? Insomnia? Your partner is snoring? Stressful day? Background noises?
White noise, sleep sounds and meditation can help you relax and fall asleep!


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Sleep problems? Insomnia? Your partner is snoring? Stressful day? Background noises?
White noise, sleep sounds and meditation can help you relax and fall asleep!

“Nature Sleep Sounds Pro” is the perfect solution for your sleep problems!

After the success of “Brain Wave Therapy (Binaural)”, we combined binaural beats with 19 unique, realistic environments, each equipped with adjustable sound effects, to help you sleep like a baby!

Each and every sound is of high quality, making sure that your experience is of the best!

Don’t hesitate! Try it and see for yourself!

*You can also be part of this application! For more information check at the end of this description!

• High Quality relaxing sleep sounds
• Beautiful User Interface
• Realistic, customizable Scenes with ambient atmosphere
• Unique Sound Effects for each Scene
• Short stories to help you get in the mood and imagine the Scene
• Binaural beat ( Delta wave ) sound effect to entrain your brain and set it to sleep mode
• White noise embedded in each Scene to ensure elimination of background noises and induce sleep
• Timer with various preset options to turn the player off automatically
• Working in the background
• Notification when in background for easy access
• Save your adjustments as favorites to keep them at hand
• Movable to SD Card
• Works offline to ensure Data usage to minimum
• Share the app with your friends via Facebook if you like it

19 Customizable Scenes, each one with its own unique Sound Effects, perfect for sleep.
• Swamp
• Wind
• Car
• Waterfall
• Forest
• Creek
• Train
• Underwater
• Night Camp
• Night Lake
• Sea Waves
• Winter
• Japanese Scenery
• Airplane
• Winter Inside
• Tent
• Rainforest
• Cave
• Ship

28 Natural High Quality Sound Effects:
• Birds
• Birds in forest
• Birds in rainforest
• Woodpecker
• Small creek
• Crickets
• Fire
• Fireplace
• Swamp frogs
• Lake frogs
• Night frogs
• Wind on leaves
• Howling wind
• Wind with snow
• Window crackling
• Lake water
• Wind chimes
• Bamboo Deer Scarer
• Cave droplets
• Owls
• Light Rain
• Rain in Car
• Rain in Train
• Strong thunder
• Light thunder
• Seagulls
• Whales
• Delta Wave Binaural Beats

For any information, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by mail.

Create your own story!

*We want you to be part of this application!

Write a short story for the Scene you like most, submit it to us by mail: [email protected] and the best stories will be published within our continuing updates! Each story will have at the end the writer’s name quoted.
Submission details: Send us your story by mail!

1. Put “Sleep Sounds Binaural Story” as title
2. Start your mail by Specifying the Scene that the story in written for
3. Write us your story
4. Put your name at the end!(This will be the name quoted in the app)

Story qualification details: The best stories will be selected based on:

1. Story mood ( relative to the Scene is written for )
2. Story length ( not too short, but not too long! 300 to 700 characters )
3. Writer’s imagination ( if the story is able to make you imagine the scene that the story tells )

If your story is selected you will receive a congratulating mail with some details!

If not, you will get a thank you mail with reasons of not qualifying.

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