WiFi ToolKit : WiFi Analyzer – WPS Connect – Ping v1.0.4[Ad-Free]

WiFi ToolKit : WiFi Analyzer – WPS Connect – Ping v1.0.4[Ad-Free]
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: We have introduced one of the best Apps in the market the WiFi ToolKit : WiFi Analyzer – WPS Connect – Ping with this App you can manage router and perform wifi password change like tasks. Following are the main features of theApp

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Wifi analyzer, it can be used to scan all local wifi signals and wifi hotspots.
WPS connect, it can be used to connect to wifi without password using WPS pin
Ping tool, it can be used to Ping any IP address or Hostname and check the connection speed, network latency, packet lose etc
WiFi scanner, it can be used to detect any wifi hackers or anyone who is stealing your wifi connection
You will have the complete understanding of your wifi network with many more advantages

You can use this wifi tool kit to check your WPS protection system of your wifi router if you have WPS enabled wifi routers, you can perform task like wifi dumper and check wps protect. Our goal is to provide the wps connect feature to all but for that you have to check if the wps protocol enabled. These days it can be very common to have wifi wps routers.
We have the Ping tool in our WiFi Tool Kit which we can further extend to DNS lookup or dns query. This app has the unique terminal ping system which people use as ping tools to check packet lose and network latency for different IP address and hostname. Ping monitor is very helpful if you experience network lags. Ping traceroute can also added to extend the function with the ping long. If you want to do server check then it is also useful even as lan tool.
With the network scanner as it is called the wifi analyzer is the best tool to catch wifi theif and can also be called wifi thief detector. This WiFi Toolkit implies very powerful wifi thief detection system to check who use my wifi or who is on my wifi. This feature scans all the host on your wifi network with wifi scanner. Then it use the powerful wifi monitor to check and deliver all the information so that you can use it with wifi thief blocker. Then use any wifikill app or wifi blocker to stop and kick out anyone you want. Wifi thief detector is very efficient feature. Tools like netcut can be very helpful. It is very important for wifi security.if someone is stealing your wifi network speed then kick them out. Get this wifi thief finder now
With wifi analyzer which is also known as wifi analyser you can scan wifi channels and information by wifi scanner like wifi signals all the wifi networks around you and their performance including wifi strength and wifi signal. It is the best wifi mapper to use. You then use it as wifi optimizer by changing the wifi channels and optimize wifi. Wifi heat map is very useful in overcrowded wifi hotspots then you must have a wifi analyzer with you to do wifi mapper and check wifi strength. It is the best wifi optimization tool if the wifi signals are weak. In Wifi tool kit we have provided the link to our App router settings if in case you want to adjust wifi settings of the router. The this router setting is very healful which included wifi admin passwords. Wifi password can also be changed and you must be careful with your wifi password. So now you don’t have to worry about the router settings. With this WiFi toolkit become a router admin check all the router configuration and change internet password in no time. Wifi password change was never so easy before. This is also a pinger App with the ping tools option inside. Ping also sometimes speedify the internet when its laggy for a smoother and stable connection. You can check delay with the ping and check if the smooth playback is possible. Very important for online gamers in online mode for smooth play if there is a very important match. Get this WiFi ToolKit and use it as wifi thief detector to see who use my wifi and much more like wifi analyzer and wifi scanner

What’s New:
Minor bugs fixed

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Home Pagehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wifitoolkit.selairus.wifianalyzer.wps.wifiscanner.routersettings.ping.wifipassword

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